Don't be Afraid of Bullies when School Starts this Fall!
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How to Send Your Child Back to School Without the Fear of Being Bullied!
By Bryan Zarnett
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Speaker For This Webinar:
Bryan Zarnett
Martial Arts Instructor
Personal Protection Specialist
Bryan Zarnett is the head instructor and owner of Durham Modern Martial Arts in Whitby. Together with the amazing Miss Lara, they develop the qualities of leadership and athleticism through the martial arts; helping kids and adults build success in everything they do!

Mr. Zarnett has been a student of the martial arts since the age of 9 and has been a teacher of the arts since the early 1990s.
Every year Mr. Zarnett puts together workshops and events to educate students, moms and dads about bullying and the thinks they can do to create a powerful environment.

The focus of this webinar has been built upon his own experiences as well as the students of Durham Modern Martial Arts. 

You will find out how they stopped bullies with awareness and uppercut!
One of the keys to being bullyproof is to be empowered by mom and dad to stop the bully from hurting you. It's amazing what a child will do if they are empowered with those few words. It's also unfortunate to see what happens when they are discouraged from taking action. We focus on creating warriors and guardians rather than victims or survivors.
– Bryan Zarnett
What You'll Learn In This Free Webinar...
Secret #1: How to handle the situation when things get physical with the bully and your kid fights back!
What is the schools point of view around bullying and what you need to help your child protect themselves from bullies!
Secret #2: How you as a parent can get a hold of Bullying and throw away the garbage from the media!
We break down the truth from the myth promoted by media and some essential tools for mom and dad to help their kids!
Secret #1: How your child can use the fundamentals of martial arts to stop a bully in their tracks!
Learn how Durham Modern Martial Arts Students use the physical and mental aspects of the art to stop bullies!
Hosted by Durham Modern Martial Arts!
This webinar is hosted by Durham Modern Martial Arts, a Whitby-based martial art school that teaches a Modern Form of Karate. Our focus is on building the qualities of leadership and athleticism through practical self-defence, character development, and a culture of fitness. Find out more about our classes and our introduction programs into Karate at or call us at 905-493-1044.
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